Quotes and Inspiration

This came up as a Facebook feed for me today from three years ago. Since we are going through health issues with my niece (Alyssa Jo), I thought I would share that in this space.

I also posted this last night as an update to my niece’s condition:

Thank you Abba Father for answering prayers! Ms. Alyssa has had two surgeries in the past two days. Today, she was awake enough to open her eyes and respond to questions (are you in pain, can you open your eyes again, squeeze my hand, etc.). This is a GREAT sign! Her name also was put on the lung transplant list. Due to her condition, she is rather high up on that list. God is good, all the time — all the time, God is good!

We still need lots of prayers though folks. Alyssa Jo is a tiny thing, so they will need to find lungs that will fit inside of her little body. The other part is, someone else’s family will have to suffer a tragedy before AJ can get her new lungs. Please continue to pray for healing for AJ, for the doctors to continue to push forward with her care and for peace for her potential donor’s family.

THANK YOU everyone for the prayers and good wishes that have been coming our way so far. We have a long road ahead of us, however, we have had some really good, positive signs in the last few days.

So. Very. BLESSED!!!!