So, is spring ever going to get here? Will we ever have more than one day of warm weather?!?!?


Tired of Cold

I recall a few years back that it snowed on May 10 (the day after my dad’s birthday). At the time he stated that it had been a LOOOOOOOONG time since it snowed the day after his birthday. I don’t EVER recall it snowing as late as May 15. We had flurries this past Saturday….and that was too much for me!

So, in an effort to force spring to come, I woke up this morning and created this little gem. Doesn’t it just SCREAM spring?!?!?

Spring Floral Thank You Single EDITED

I LOVE the little splashes of color on the background of the card and the colorful flowers just tie it all together.

Spring Floral Side by Side EDITED

You can put down as many splatters as you want — no two cards are alike!

Spring Floral Flat EDITED

I added a little sparkle by adding our rhinestones to the middle of the flowers.

~sigh~ I am happy now with my little SPLASH of spring!


You can choose to make this card (and more) at my card buffet on Saturday, May 21 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at UW Oshkosh in Sage Hall, Room 3206. You can choose six cards to make for $15. 

Let me know if you have specific cards that you are in need of (i.e. birthday, wedding, anniversary, sympathy).

RSVP by Thursday, May 19 so I am sure to have enough materials cut and ready for you to create!

Hope to see you on May 21! Thanks for stopping by!

Stamp'nSass Watermark     CindyLou


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